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The Shared Spaces Concept

The shared space concept is based on the premise that the ability of nonprofits to provide quality, affordable social services depends on their ability to develop and maintain crucial infrastructure resources. More than just offices, shared space facilities can become sustainable centers that help nonprofit organizations strengthen their communities.

Promoting collaborative space and shared services can help build a thriving and sustainable nonprofit sector in a number of ways, including increasing visibility of nonprofits in the community, lowering overhead costs, and supporting the creation of new initiatives.

Nonprofit centers offer reasonable rents and attractive leases, thanks to landlords whose policies and rates are driven by a philanthropic aim rather than strictly market conditions. Shared amenities, such as conference, board, training, and break rooms, copy and mailing centers, and common areas, enrich nonprofits by giving them access to previously unattainable resources. Finally, nonprofit centers foster collaboration between tenants, ranging from shared administrative functions to joint programs, bringing increased stability, affordability, and mission enhancement to participants.


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Shared Spaces Principles

ACCESS: A conveniently accessible building that houses the offices of nonprofits.

ENVIRONMENT: A welcoming building designed to encourage collaboration

COMMUNITY: An environment that fosters community among tenants leading to the sharing of new ideas and best practices

EFFICIENCY: Economic efficiencies for nonprofits through shared administrative resources, meeting space and office services.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Ongoing professional development opportunities, designed to strengthen the organizational capacity of tenants.

VISIBILITY: Increased visibility of tenant organizations through programming at the building.

LEVERAGED RESOURCES: Opportunities for the broader nonprofit community to share meeting and training rooms.

The Village at 17th Street
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