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It has become increasingly challenging for donors to make long-term investments in the region’s community service organizations when sector needs are so acute and immediate. By supporting the development of multi-tenant nonprofit centers in Orange County, you can make one investment that ensures multiple organizations have the affordable space and resources they need to build strong, healthy communities.

The Orange County Shared Spaces Foundation continues to seek opportunities to develop stable and affordable office space for Orange County nonprofits. We invite donors to contribute to planned capital improvements at The Village at 17th Street, and welcome large scale investment to help develop other nonprofit centers throughout the region. Please consider the ways in which the Orange County Shared Spaces Foundation can become a vehicle for your charitable investment:

Make a donation in support of ongoing efforts to develop nonprofit centers throughout Orange County in the form of a financial, real estate, or office furniture contribution.

Contribute to the planning of the multi-tenant nonprofit centers by sharing your expertise in real estate, architectural design, or business administration.

Our Supporters:

For more information on how to support this growing effort, please email concierge@ocsharedspaces.org.
The Village at 17th Street
1505 E. 17th Street, Suite 104
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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For more information about Orange County Shared Spaces,
The Village at 17th Street, contact Concierge at 714.361.1417
or email us at concierge@ocsharedspaces.org.